Bahia de Los Angeles, Jan. 1976

In another Short Story, titled "Cave Paintings", I mentioned our trip to La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, along with Ted and Polly Walck, in our Motor Homes. One of our stops on that trip was L.A.Bay, where we caught up with Tom, David, Jose and Fr. Martin. They had taken a small boat with them, so we went out the next morning and caught enough for a fine fish fry. After lunch we packed up and went our separate ways, Tomís group North, and the rest of us South. Some of the places we lingered, or stayed overnight were San Ignacio, Mulege, two beaches at Bahia Conception, Santispac, Requeson, and Puerto Escondido, south of Loreto. We visited friends in La Paz, Ramiro and Angelena Mendoza, then went on south to Cabo San Lucas. We stayed on a nice beach just north of the Palmilla Resort, and celebrated Barbaraís birthday, Jan. 17th in the Restaurant in the Palmilla. Lobster, what else?

The road from Cabo to Todos Santos, on the Pacific coast had not yet been paved, so we elected not to tackle it in our large vehicles. We took the Hiway back towards La Paz, then turned back southwest to Todos Santos. Both Tom and our friends in La Paz had recommended a beach called San Pedrito, just a few miles south of town, so that was our destination. They were right! It is a beautiful sand beach, bordered by high cliffs both north and south.

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