Hamilton Ranch Guest Book

Old Guest Book, retrieved from the Hamilton Ranch

1-27-01Hi, Gerry-I surely did enjoy reading the names in this book. Thank Alejandro for loaning it to me.Some of the names that jumped out at me;

    1. Albert Icardo, San Fernando, CA. His brother, Arthur, was a customer of mine. He lived in San Fernando, and farmed in Newhall. He bought a Farmall 560 Diesel, and a TD-

    1. Walter Hussong. We did lots of business with him. He owned the Standard Service station in Ensenada, and the Standard Bulk Plant south of town. They delivered fuel and oil to the ranch. The Hussongs settled in the San Quintin area when they first came to Baja, later moving to Ensenada. In 1947 Walter still had a ranch in San Quintin, and maybe still does

3-?-47 C.E. Utt was my grandfather, of course, and Curly Deaver my uncle.5-?-47 Roberto Estudio. I never met him, but he was a cousin of my good friend, Pedro Pedroarena. I read a book that was the journal of one of the very early settlers in Calif. He had a ranch in the Santa Inez Valley. He spoke of traveling to San Diego to attend the wedding of an Estudio to a Pedroarena.5-?-47 C.E.Utt

    1. Ricardo Hernandez was the manager of Walter Hussong’s business. I had lots of contact with him through the years.

    1. Ed Fletcher. The Fletchers were an old family in San Diego, owning land on the mesas north of San Diego. Ed was an Insurance broker. I bought a small fire policy from him, to protect a nice crop of wheat

    1. Ken Brown was manager of the onyx mine at El Marmol. His name appears many times in this book.

    1. Gaston Flourie, was part owner and manager of the Casa del Sol in Ensenada. Brother in law of Pepita Bitterlin

    1. Carlos Tavares had a very nice store, Carlos Importer, on Ave Ruiz. They became good friends of my folks later on.

    1. John McCormick had a citrus ranch in Camarillo. I knew him, but not well.

    1. Vincent Dowd? Oxnard

    1. Abelardo Rodriques. Former president of Mexico, and governor of Sonora. He owned that ranch with the large house just north of El Sauzal de Rodriques. This may be his son

    1. Jaques Bitterlin, husband of Pepita.

    1. Paul Williams and Forrest Barbee. Paul and Don Williams grew up on a small apricot ranch on Peach Hill, in Moorpark. Tom had known Forrest Barbee in connection with some vegetable deal in CA. The three of them were trying to get a growing and shipping venture going in Baja. I met all of them during that time. I ran into Don again when he returned to Moorpark to farm.

?? –48 L. G. Peyton, Fillmore. Laurence stopped by our ranch in San Telmo several times. He seemed to have adopted a family there, always taking clothing, etc. for them.Eugene G. Gardner, Santa Paula, was related to Earl Stanley Gardner.8-20-48 Glenn G. Curtis-Surely this can’t be THE Glenn Curtis of aviation fame! ?-?-48 Alejandro Rudemetkin. I got acquainted with some Rudemetkins, but not him.

    1. Laurence Peyton and H.H. Elkins. I did some business with the Elkins ranch, Fillmore and Bardsdale.

3-?-49 C.E.Utt, Wm Armstrong and Horace Stevens. Horace was the son of Sherman Stevens, long time business partner of Grampa. I think Wm. Armstrong was president of the California Fruit Growers Assoc. (Sunkist)

6-8-49 Someone flew a DC-3 into the Hamilton Ranch.

Leigh Robertson

I realize that many of you know nothing about the Hamilton Ranch. It was almost due East of present day Colonia Guererro, at the base of a high round, red mountain. There was a large house where we were served meals, and visited with other travelers. Several cabins served as sleeping quarters. The ranch had been the destination of most travelers who ventured south of Ensenada in the early days, long before the Meling Ranch became popular.


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