Trip to Baja with Gerry Fall, 1968

Written at the folkís house in San Miguel.

Dear Folks-

Iím having a terrible time finding something to write with!

Thanks for the hospitality-even in absentia! We really needed a hot shower and shave. Feel much better now.

I canít tell you how much we enjoyed our trip. We did everything we set out to do. Also left some things undone, so that we can go back sometime.

We went to El Alamo, and poked around an old mine. It was especially interesting to Gerry, as he had never seen anything like that. Camped near there Wednesday night.

Then on to Valle Trinidad. We didnít linger there, only long enough to get gas. We found out later that we should have gone to Henry Jollifís ranch, as he, Andy Meling, and Mary ? Meling are all there.

Anyway, on to San Rafael, pausing briefly at Mikeís Sky Ranch. Then we drove up the road on the north end of San Pedro Martir as far as possible, but couldnít make it very far. Made a nice camp under some pines Thursday Evening.

Friday we drove down to Campo Garrett and hiked upstream to the falls. We caught some fish, enough for supper. Gerry caught one about eight inches, the rest six to seven inches. Friday night we made camp between Coyote and San Jose.

Saturday, after a visit with Aida and Mr. and Mrs. Meling, we drove all the way to the Observatory! The road is very good. It took just over an hour and a half. What a beautiful drive it is, and what a glorious view from the top.

We could see the gulf, and a mountain in Sonora. (I have learned lately that the mountain we saw is in Baja, not Sonora) To the west we could see Santa Terresa, and southwest to San Quintin, and San Martin Island.

More visiting at San Jose on the way out, including your friend Gladys ?? Also Tom Farlow Jr. recognized me, and we had a nice visit. He is working for the Observatory. Camped on the road out of San Jose Saturday night.

Today we drove to San Telmo Valley. Saw Ricardo and Victor Ormart, then went to Hacienda Sinaloa to get gasoline. There we found Bernardino Macaleer and Roberto Nunes. I told them we were going up to Valledares, so Mac went with us. We found the road going over toward San Antonio, and followed it until it started down a very steep grade toward the arroyo. I was worried about getting back up, so we stopped there. We could look right down at the ranch (San Antonio de los Murrillo), and also across to the mountain and see where La Zanja and San Antonio come tumbling down. We got in here about 7:30.

As we were eating, Gerry said, "now that I know whatís down there, Iím sure going to go back!" Of course, I would enjoy the trip anyway, but seeing him enjoy it so much really doubles the pleasure for me.

Iím getting sleepy--------

Love, Leigh

P.S. Everyone sent "Saludos!"

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